Happy Birthday Joe!

Can't believe you're 18 years old today!
When I first met you, you were a shy little boy who didn't want to eat on your first visit to Sweden.
I was young, I was worried. But I tried to be your friend.
Took you skiing, you enjoyed it and in the car on our way back to Stockholm you said you were hungry.
You ate a massive piece of meat and I was so relieved.
You were eight years old and just a little boy.

Through the years we've had loads of fun together, I taught you how to swim and dive in Spain.
We've enjoyed riding Jetline at Gröna Lund, several times.
We've played cards for hours, and wow you're getting good!

You are definately the best big brother to Alexander and Molly.
They love you so much. They are your biggest fans and I am so pleased they have you to look up to.

You are 18 today and your life is just beginning. There will be fun times, there'll be hard times.
We will be with you at all times and I always want to be your friend.
Happy birthday Joe, I'm sorry I wasn't there to share it with you.
But be sure, I'm very happy you're a part of my life!


Postat av: Malin

Happy Birthday Joe!!

2011-10-17 @ 04:52:34
Postat av: Frida

Så fint skrivet, från hjärtat verkligen. Fina fina du.

2011-10-20 @ 19:49:40
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